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Berry White

Octaverse Disposable Vape Pen


Berry White

Octaverse Disposable Vape Pen


Berry White

Octaverse Disposable Vape Pen


Berry White

Octaverse Disposable Vape Pen


Berry White

Octaverse Disposable Vape Pen


Our custom blends

Third party tested image

Third-Party Lab Tested

Every batch is rigorously third party lab tested for your safety and peace of mind.

Sourced in nature image

Sourced in Nature

Well Versed uses hemp sourced directly from federally regulated farms in the U.S.

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Our formulas are designed by experts with decades of experience with cannabinoids.

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Refined Formulations

We only use high quality, naturally-grown, scientifically nurtured rare cannabinoids.

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No Heavy Metals

All our products guarantee absolutely zero trace amounts of heavy metals.

Why Delta 8?

Delta 8 THC is a mild variety of THC. D8 is extracted from the hemp plant which is a federally legal crop that contains <0.3% of Delta 9 THC (the cannabinoid most commonly associated with marijuana).

The effect of D8 is considered more mellow and smooth, but it is still a psychoactive substance. At Well Versed, we create custom blends of D8 with other rare cannabinoids and terpenes that result in an incredibly enjoyable effect—a balanced buzz that allows you to maintain a clear head while eluding unwanted anxiety.

We place the highest importance on testing every single batch of products because it is the only way to undeniably ensure quality and safety.

From people in the know...

Five stars

Danielle B. 02-2022

When I'm feeling really low on energy, which is a given because I work 10 hours days, I take the Energize disposable and it works like a charm.

Five stars

Taylor H. 02-2022

There are a lot of poor quality Delta 8 products out there - it's tough to trust most brands. I've tried a few of them and it's not easy finding one that I'm happy with. I found one.

Five stars

Stephanie R. 02-2022

Trying to sleep with D9 THC can go both ways for me. Either really good or really bad. D8 seems to be the best consistenly mellow option for me.

Five stars

Simon 02-2022

I love that these guys have actually thought about what they want each vape pen to do. I like it even more that they actually pull through with their promise.